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New Patch for Fallout IV Is Already Available for PC • Mirror Daily

There are a couple dozen issues that the 1.4 patch fixes in Fallout IV.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After it was released for beta last week, the new patch for Fallout IV is already available for PC. The content can be purchased on Steam. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners have to wait a little while longer to get their hands on the patch.

According to a tweet posted on the official page of the Bethesda Studios, the 1.4 update for PC gamers is already available on Steam. Also, they mentioned in the same post that they do not have any further information about the status of the update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

If you look at the pattern that Bethesda created over the years with their game, patches and DLC releases, it’s likely that the console content will be made available sometime this weekend.

The 1.4 patch is valuable because it is meant to introduce DLC support for the three expansions that were recently detailed by the company while also offering new customization features for the Workshop in-game crafting system.

Furthermore, the patch is finally clearing up the screen effects that linger after the players use a scope. And that is not the only bug that it fixed.

Another big problem, the one with the Kremvh’s Tooth that was not spawning as it should have is, finally, fixed. So is the third-person sprinting glitch.

Below you can find the whole list of problems that the 1.4 patch fixes.

  • General performance and stability improvement
  • Kellogg’s desk will no longer change during the Clue Quest
  • The companions of the Red Glare Rocket quest can now be dismissed when the mission is over
  • When a settlement is under attack, players will be shown an updated message that will display the attack’s results.
  • There are additional ammo types for the Scrounger
  • Calvin Whitaker is no longer disappearing in Vault 81
  • Key cards are correctly spawning in Vault 75
  • Enemies are no longer spawning during Airship down
  • Pip-Boy no longer gets stuck when he is wearing a power armor in the first person and tries to switch weapons quickly
  • The autosave counter isn’t resetting anymore
  • When Pip-Boy is swimming his menu isn’t turning invisible anymore
  • Vendors now exchange caps correctly, even after you make consecutive transactions with them
  • The autosave and quicksave message is no longer persisting on the loading screens
  • Objects placed in water are now properly floating

The new patch for Fallout IV is already available for PC owners. Xbox One and PlayStation players must wait a little while longer.

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