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New PlayStation 4 Hack Brings Pirated Games to Users • Mirror Daily

A new PlayStation 4 hack brings pirated games to the hands of the users all over the world. By using the new hack for the console manufactured by the Japanese tech giant Sony, users from every corner of the world are not allowed to play pirated games, causing considerable financial damage to the creators of the PS 4.

This new hack for PS 4 has been recently uncovered as largely used in Brazil. The hack allows PS 4 customers to turn their activated video game consoles and use them on other PlayStation 4s. Basically, it lets users copy accounts of PS 4 and use them with other PS 4 consoles. The new hack is different from the previous one, which had the capability of letting people share the same account. That one has been OKed by PS 4.

The fact that contributed to the tech analysts and experts surprise was that the hack is not a highly elaborated one. In order to make it work, all you need Raspberry Pi single board, that can be afforded at the price of 99 dollars.

At the moment, the new hack has become rather popular in the game stores in Brazil. Experts say that it is most probable that the hack has been created in Russia. However, in the game stores in Brazil, you can get 10 pirated games per console at the price of 100 dollars. So it is clear that the deal seems very attractive to the PlayStation 4 owners in the area. Some voices have claimed the fact that in addition to that you could get more video games by using the new hack at a price of 15 dollars each.

Until now, Sony has not yet released any statements in connection to this matter. However, most of the tech analysts who have an interest in the matter have estimated that Sony will eventually come up with a legal action targeted against the ones who facilitate the use of this new hack. In addition to that, the experts are pretty sure that PlayStation 4 will soon be improved with a patch that will protect the video game consoles from such a hack.

“This has happened historically with all of the major consoles. It would be highly unlikely not to continue with the PS4.”

Gavin Reid has said in a statement. Reid is part of the Lancope group, whose main object of activity is security intelligence.

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