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New Smart Bed to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep Number launches new smart mattress

(Mirror Daily, United States) – We all know that the mattress we sleep on has a say in how well we rest and now Sleep Number launched a new smart bed to improve your sleep.

A good sleep happens because of many factors such as how tired you are, how much light or noise is in the room, what you’ve eaten and so on. The bed you sleep on is also very important, especially its mattress.

In the last decades we have discovered that each and every one of us needs a different type of mattress. Some like to sleep on a soft, cushion-like mattress, others prefer a hard one to make sure their back won’t hurt in the morning.

Sleep Number, a company that produces mattresses, has recently launched a new product called “it”, a smart mattress with sensors which track your heart rate, your body movements during sleep as well as your breathing patterns. After gathering all this information and processing it, the mattress can suggest solutions for better sleep.

The app that comes with the mattress doesn’t only gather information about your sleep but also about your daily routine by connecting to your smartphone and learning about what you do in your day to day life that could have an impact on your sleep.

After being on display in Las Vegas at CES 2016, the “it” will be released in spring and sold for approximately $1,000. Since we talked about soft versus hard mattresses you should know that the “it” has an adjustable system that allows you to set the mattress’s firmness.

Although the company’s previous mattress offered the same adjustable system and the SleepIQ technology, the new “it” is definitely better as it connects with other devices and apps to monitor not only your sleep but also your daily routine, constantly looking for ways to help you improve your sleep to get better rest.

Of course, you will be able to control the connections you mattress makes without having to give “it” access to really everything. The SleepIQ software will also be updated this year. The mattress comes in six standard sizes and it’s made of dual foam-filled chambers. Plus, it can be used by both you and your partner.

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