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New Study Has Linked Poor Sleeping to Breast Cancer Risks • Mirror Daily

Poor sleeping increases the chances of developing breast cancer, especially when combined with poor physical activity and low Vitamin D levels.

A new study has linked poor sleeping to breast cancer risks after scientists have carefully observed the evolution of lab mice during a period of 50 weeks. At the end of the experiment, the majority of the mice had developed tumors, proving that irregular sleep has a powerful influence on our health system.

Not long ago, it was discovered that leisure sitting increases cancer risks among women, but a new study proves that there is a strong link between breast cancer and poor sleeping. The new finding was discovered by professors at the Erasmus University Medical Center from Netherlands after delaying the biological clock of lab mice for a period of 50 weeks.

At the end of the study period, scientists have discovered that the majority of the animals developed tumors; thus, proving that sleep has a much stronger influence on our body than any other factors studied before.

Researchers are now worried for women who work in shifts, particularly flight attendants and doctors. Breast cancer risks are even bigger in their case because their jobs are also very stressful. Based on these recent findings, scientists have concluded that it is better for these women, as well as for women with a family history, to avoid night shifts or similar jobs.

Medical experts believe the current study sheds lots of light on this disease and the factors that influence it. However, they believe other factors are also responsible for the development of breast cancer such as, the social class that women belong to, the Vitamin D levels they have in their blood and the physical activities they develop on a daily basis.

Doctors recommend women, who have had breast cancer cases in their families to make moderate physical exercises every day and to observe their body clock as much as possible because light-dark inversions can prove themselves very noxious for humans’ health.

Researchers have also understood that some women cannot change their jobs, even though they have to work in shifts. Medical experts recommend these women to pay attention to their body weight as much as possible and to undergo as many medical tests as possible. It is highly recommended to have your breasts inspected and to take part in frequent health checks when working at night.

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