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New Survey: Brits Are Obsessed with Selfies and Smartphones • Mirror Daily

Teenagers can rarely let a day go by without taking a selfie.

An interesting phenomenon has been observed by a new survey: Brits are obsessed with selfies and smartphones. The selfie phenomenon could have a significant influence on the evolution of technology considering that smartphones have become more popular than laptops among users.

Smartphones nowadays offer more or less the same technology as laptops, not to mention the fact that they are light and can be easily carried around. The tech specifications of these devices have convinced users to replace one-purpose gadgets with the all-encompassing smartphones. To be more specific, very few people use cameras these days to take pictures as their phones guarantee the same quality.

Laptops have become more appropriate for work and school-related projects and the recent survey conducted by researchers at Ofcom comes to confirm this tendency. Statistics show that 33 percent of British adults prefer to use their smartphones, while only 30 percent still access the Internet on their laptops.

The change has been very sudden, researchers have stated. Last year, reports clearly indicated that many more users preferred laptops instead of smartphones (40%), compared to the 23 percent users of smartphones.

The study has led to many other interesting observations. According to researchers, 71 percent people own a smartphone in the UK, that is, a 27 percent increase compared to 2012.

When accessing the Internet from their smartphones, users tend to spend on average much more time online than they normally do from their PCs and laptops. Figures indicate that smartphone users spend 114 minutes on the Internet, while PC enjoyers only stay on the Internet for 69 minutes per day.

Selfies are very common among young Brits, who have reportedly taken 1.2 billion selfies in 2014. Among the adult UK population, only 31 percent confessed that they like to take selfies and 34 percent said they photograph themselves every day.

Researchers could not say whether the advanced tech specifications of smartphones have led to the new selfie phenomenon or whether this Internet sensation has rendered smartphones more popular among users. One thing is certain: people are becoming more and more obsessed with their faces, Ofcom’s representative has concluded.

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