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New Tinder Plus Encourages Ageism – Mirror Daily

It was announced by Tinder that the company would introduce new features as a part of their new Tinder Plus service.

The new Tinder Plus service features two brand new paid features that allow users to connect with people in other areas of the world and also undo a swipe.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications that uses a very simple principle: if you like someone’s profile (which usually consists of a few pictures and a little caption) then you swipe right, if you don’t like their profile, you swipe left. But it is not uncommon for users to swipe left when they actually want to swipe left, so to undo a swipe is something users have been begging for and it appears that Tinder has finally heard its users. The new feature that allows users to undo a swipe is called Rewind and the feature that allows people to connect from around the world is called Passport.

But there’s a trick that has been causing quite a lot of controversy is the price of the new Tinder Plus service: for people who are over 30 the service will cost $19.99 and for those who are under 30 it will cost just $9.99.

According to the Vice President of corporate communications, Rosette Pambakian, the reasoning behind this decision is simple: older people can afford to pay. She stated:

We’ve priced Tinder Plus based on a combination of factors, including what we’ve learned through our testing, and we’ve found that these price points were adopted very well by certain age demographics.

But many are wondering if that is really the reason behind this decision and are suggesting that Tinder is encouraging ageism with the new Tinder Plus pricing.

Prices will also vary based on geographical location. For example, in developing countries, the fee for the new Tinder Plus is going to be $2.99 a month and if the United Kingdom it is going to be £3.99 for users between 18 and 27 and £14.99 for users over 28.

Tinder has also announced that users who do not wish to sign up for the new Tinder Plus will need to be extra careful when deciding when to swipe right, because it will begin to place limits on how many people they can choose.

Image Source: Go Tinder

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