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New Wildlife Agency Has Created a Smartphone App to Protect Endangered Species • Mirror Daily

The smartphone app allows users to upload interesting data about endangered marine species.

Based on a Monday’s report a new wildlife agency has created a smartphone app to protect endangered species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has teamed up with Swedish social network for fishers, FishBrain, to develop the current project.

There are many marine species which run the risk of going extinct in the following decades unless authorities and biology experts take measures to protect them. Past initiatives are related to environment conservation, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has come up with a much modern and attractive method. The agency will develop a new app that will draw users’ attention to the needs of these species.

The app was designed particularly for anglers, who are very common within the United States. However, the agency hopes their app might turn out interesting for fishers and non-fishers, as well.

According to developers, the online platform will keep users updated with all possible changes taking place in the evolution of the endangered marine exemplars. The program is free, but it will, nonetheless, be very interesting for anglers because it will offer wind and weather data, as well as other information in relation to the quality of the water where the angler is fishing.

Users, who are preoccupied with wildlife conservation can lend a helping hand to the agency by adding data to the online app. Each user can load up to 50 species of endangered fish and provide useful information about them. Conservationists are particularly interested in finding out the location of these species, the proper habitat for them, as well as the possible threats they are facing with.

Gary Frazer, the Assistant Director of the program, has stated that the agency has chosen to rely on anglers’ contribution because they are the only ones that they can provide the data that conservationists need. The assistant director has further explained that the app has been created because the agency believes saving endangered species can only be achieved through education and personal implication.

Currently, there are many wildlife species on the territory of the United States that could soon become extinct. The California red-legged frog, the Columbia white-tailed deer and the shortnose sturgeons are just a few of the exemplars that require conservationists’ attention.

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