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New York Commuters to Be Heavily Affected by Amtrak Summer Work • Mirror Daily

New York commuters have to expect a less functional Penn Station in summer.

The New York Pennsylvania Station serves an average of 600,000 passengers a day. This station became an important part of the lifestyle and culture of thi metropolitan region. It is also considered to be the busiest service in the Western Hemisphere. However, this summer New York commuters might lose almost 25% of their trains because of some construction projects.

 Several Track Projects Might Affect New York Commuters in the Following Years

On Thursday, the president of the federal rail agency, Wick Moorman, announced during a press conference that the Pennsylvania Station is going to be under construction for 44 days, this summer. However, this important transport artery will have only 25% of its trails affected.

“My best estimate is certainly more than 75 percent of the trains will operate.”

Nonetheless, New York commuters have to wait until next week to find out more details about these summer works. Moreover, while there is not much information available on this upcoming track project, officials have already announced that locals would experience same disturbance next year as well. However, they didn’t have an official date for the second set of traffic disruptions.

The rail network is already showing signs of malfunctions. It was only on Wednesday when the Penn Station had its night service completely disrupted. On top of that, officials are not fully aware of the causes behind this event.

The Rehabilitation Efforts Will Happen Mostly at Night

As such, the upcoming work project will take place between July 7 and August. Wick Moorman confirmed suppositions that this program was issued to alleviate the problems of New York commuters with their main public transport means. Moreover, the rehabilitation efforts will happen mostly at night, so that during daytime the passengers won’t feel the full impact of the constructions.

On the other hand, lawmakers found it curious that the company wouldn’t start the operation during Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends. This is when the majority of New York citizens will be on vacation. To this, the company responded that the majority of its staff asked for time off as well.

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