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Next Gen Released for Tile Tracker: Find Your Phone and Keys In No Time • Mirror Daily

Ever wished you could call your phone when you misplace it, but then you remember you’ve last set it on vibrate – or worse yet, on silent? Thanks to Tile – an innovative Bluetooth tracker – those days are in the past.

You might have heard of Tile, because the company goes all the way back in 2013, when its co-founders Nick Evans and Mike Farley committed to a yearly hardware update for their useful device. A bit more than a year since their first gen was released and Tile has delivered according to schedule, so far.

Nearly any iOS or Android device can be paired up with the little device Tile has invented using only Bluetooth Low Energy and an accompanying app. If you’re sure you’re within 100 feet of the place you last remember seeing your phone, you can also log in to the Tile website and activate the Find Your Phone feature.

After locating you mobile device on a map, the service can make your device ring, even if its settings are on silent or vibrate. In fact, the little device is attachable to absolutely anything you’re prone to lose – whether it’s your keys, purse, wallet or mobile phone – proving to be extremely useful for forgetful persons.

The next gen of the Tile tracker is also three times louder – beeping at 90 decibels – meaning that even though the phone’s volume is all the way down or on vibrate, Tile will still make it cry like a baby. This way, you have better chances of hearing its beeps even if your keys, for example, are at the bottom of your giant backpack, covered in clothes.

Another interesting feature allows the user to notify the Tile network in case of a missing item that proves harder to find. Can’t hear the saving beeps? Log on the Tile website and let your phone look for the item.

One of the best selling points for Tile, however, it’s its reasonable price starting at $25 for a single unit. Purchasing four or more also comes with increasing discounts, which could prompt users to pair up with their friends and order it, especially now that the makers of the popular location-tracking device have released the second-generation version.
Image Source: Trade4u

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