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Nintendo Launches Kids-Prone Shooting Game Splatoon – PC Magazine

Preview of Nintendo’s kids-prone game Splatoon.

After years of silence, Nintendo has suddenly surprised its fans with an unexpected launching. In an attempt to spice up the game industry, Nintendo launches kids-prone shooting game Splatoon on Wednesday morning.

The famous game developer has spent the past years creating new versions of its popular games, such, as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. These small makeovers have proven sufficient for the company, but some fans have been disappointed as the company failed to offer the same entertaining platforms as competing game developers.

There are still many improvements that Nintendo’s games need to undergo and many online platforms to be launched in order for the company to regain its long-lost reputation as one of the best producers of online entertainment projects. The recent endeavor that the enterprise has carried out has nevertheless brought Nintendo closer to success.

Nintendo has launched a kids-prone shooting game, Splatoon that may be played even by some of the least talented players in the world. The game presupposes that teams of four compete against each other by shooting ink at their opponents. The term ‘shooting’ may not be the best word for this game as competitors may aim at everything coming up their way (even the floor) and they would still get points.

As a matter of fact, the purpose of the shooting competition is not that of eliminating your opponents, but rather of covering the entire content of your display with your team’s ink. Each individual team is assigned a different color at the beginning of the game; thus, the team that splashes more ink is the winner of the competition.

The characters of the game are incredibly creative if we were to compare them with previous Nintendo characters. The design of the game is incredibly realistic as it successfully reproduces human traits and movements. The half human, half squid nature of the Splatoon characters enables players to swim through ink and refill their weapons, when swimming through their team’s ink.

There is a wide array of movements that characters can perform and the game was purposefully designed to ensure rapid actions and direction shifts. Although the game has been recently launched, testers did not complain of possible glitches and errors hindering the development of the game. There are, also many weapons and tools that players may choose for their characters, including clothes and accessories.

Nintendo did not provide any other details in relation to the recently launched game. However, analysts have graded the project as perfect for kids because it does not display any violent content and it does not instigate to harmful behavior.

The game developer plans to release frequent updates for its Splatoon game allowing players to select new weapons and stages for their ink-based battles. In August, Nintendo will release a new battle mode and the upgrade will be free.
Image Source: Forbes

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