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Nintendo Switch Outsells the Other Consoles in July • Mirror Daily

Nintendo Switch was the best selling console of July

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The NPD Group has just released the report for July 2017 regarding console sales. As you might have probably expected, the best selling console of the month is Nintendo Switch. This huge success is given mostly by the fact that Nintendo provided stores with more units. Also, Splatoon 2 might have also had an important contribution.

Nintendo Switch won the supremacy on the console market in July. The company wanted to prevent stores from running out of their Switch supplies, so they were bombarded with more units. These greatly satisfied the huge demand, propelling the console at the top. Splatoon 2 also became the best selling game of the month, and it paired perfectly with the unending Switch supply.

When comparing hardware sales in July 2017 with those from July 2016, the NPD Group noticed a huge increase. Mat Piscatella, an NPD analyst, explained how this increase was mostly caused by Switch and PS4 sales. Switch managed to become the top selling console in July, but the overall supremacy in 2017 is owned by PS4. The analyst didn’t mention anything regarding Xbox sales.

The big increase in hardware sales was given by Switch’s popularity

This year on average, hardware sales have reached around $1.6 billion so far. According to the NPD Group, this was given mostly by the sudden increase in Nintendo Switch sales. This constituted an increase of 20 percent compared to the previous years.

The same report also looked at the sale increase in the Accessories and Gamecards category. Each year, this category grew by 9 percent, until it reached an increase of $129 million. This happened after Switch and Xbox One accessories also reached top sales. In fact, gamepads were the best selling item for both consoles.

Even if Nintendo Switch might not turn into the best selling console of the year, it still managed to make great achievements in terms of both sales and performance. The company knew how to provide it with the most desired games, and offered fans just what they wanted.
Image Source: Pixabay

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