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Nintendo Switch Preorders Start Friday In New York City • Mirror Daily

This is why many tech experts believe that Nintendo Switch will be sold for $250

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Nintendo Switch is one of the most discussed devices. This is because it is going to be unveiled today. Nintendo Switch it is going to be unveiled during a special presentation which includes its price, release date, and specs.

In order to make it even better, Nintendo announces that the device can be preordered after it is unveiled. Their store in New York City wrote a post on Twitter mentioning that they preorders for Nintendo Switch will be available starting this Friday. After they preorder their console, customers will be able to get their hands on the console in two months from now.

The company mentioned that the devices will be received by the customers in March. This is only if they preordered the console. The post on Twitter also said that the devices are limited and preorders will be available only for a few people because there are not enough supplies yet. This means that if you want to have this device you need to act fast and pre-order it.

Despite the fact that they mentioned that there is a limited quantity of devices, the company did not mention how many Nintendo Switch consoles are available for preorders. In order to keep people excited about the presentation of the console, the company didn’t specify the release day or the price of the console in the post.

They only mentioned that this type of information is going to be specified at the presentation that is scheduled for January 12. The presentation is going to be in Tokyo. Those who are interested can watch the special presentation live on YouTube, Twitch, and Nintendo’s website. They are going to live stream the presentation that is going to start at 11 p.m. ET.

There have been a lot of speculations about the price of the devices due to some alleged leaks. In November a Canadian website put the price of CAN$329 for the console. This means US$245. In the U.K, the console had almost the same price speculations. This is why many tech experts believe that Nintendo Switch will be sold for $250 or maybe for $300 if it includes a game too.

This information is not from an official source and this is why we have to wait and see if this is really the price. All of the details are going to be unveiled today and then we will know for sure.

Image source: Flickr

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