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Nintendo Will Monitor Your Sleep with Its New Device – Mirror Daily

The device will feature many sensors, a camera and a microphone.

The recent patent that the tech developing company has registered has proven us that Nintendo will monitor your sleep with its new device. The product belongs to the company’s 2014 initiative for the improvement of the “Quality of Life”.

Tech companies have all got recently involved in many programs and initiatives to offer people devices and gadgets that can improve their lives. After seeing the launching of many fitness arm bands and caloric counters, it is Nintendo’s time to amaze us with their most recent model.

According to the recent patent that Nintendo has registered, the company is working on the development of a sleep monitoring device. Tech savvies have not been able to completely uncover the functions and the tech specifications of the device, but certain features have, nonetheless, become obvious.

The sleep monitoring gadget will have the looks of a docking station provided with a recharging slot for a smartphone-like device. The two gadgets will be foreseen with many sensors that will gather as much information as possible in relation to the sleeping person.

The heart rate pulse and the temperature of the owner will be constantly verified by the new device, as the sketch shows. In addition, the gadget will also monitor the psychological state of the sleeping person in order to determine whether he/she is sleeping profoundly or not.

The sketch has further revealed that the docking station will have a camera and a microphone to accurately record all the movements and noises that the sleeping persons make. Good luck trying to tell your wife that it wasn’t you who snored last night. Or better yet, that your boys’ night out didn’t keep you out for too long.

Although this information has not been in anyway hinted by Nintendo’s patent description, we believe the gadget will use all this information to make suggestions for the improvement of your sleep. It may even use the collected data to estimate when the right moment for the wakeup call is. All we know for certain is that your sleeping reports will be displayed at all times on the wall or the ceiling.

The patent remains pretty much what it is, namely, a patent as the company has not evinced any real intentions of producing the said device. Should Nintendo decide to invest in the production of the sleep monitoring device, customers will not be able to purchase it sooner than 2016.

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