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Nintendo's New-Appointed North America Sales Manager Is Called Bowser • Mirror Daily

Many jokes are now circling the Internet as Nintendo’s new-appointed North America Sales Manager is called Bowser. The resemblances between the new Sales Vice-President and the famous fire-throwing Nintendo character do not go further than their names, the game developer reassured its players in a recent announcement published on their official website.

Doug Bowser is the name of the new Sales Manager within Mario’s creator, Nintendo. The name was the source of more or less inspired press jokes ever since it was first disclosed to the lay public. Game lovers were initially bedazzled because Bowser is also the name of one of the famous Mario characters.

The game-version bowser is a yellow and green turtle monster, who throws fire through its mouth and kidnaps princesses. Doug Bowser, the new Nintendo VP, on the other hand, reassured customers that he is not in the habit of doing such things. He never fought people with fire, nor did he kidnapped any princess.

Doug Bowser was, instead, a former employee of Electronic Arts, where he was in charge of Global Business Planning. Previous to this period, he had worked at Procter and Gamble covering various sales leadership roles in Asia, Latin America and the U.S.

Nintendo thinks Bowser has sufficient sales experience to properly lead Nintendo’s Sales Department. The new VP did not publicly address customers and players, but fans of the company hope he will be soon presenting his future sales objectives during an official press event.

There are many new projects that Doug Bowser will have to supervise and successfully promote all throughout the United States and the European countries. Nintendo plans to release new game versions and online platforms to increase its worldwide profits.

Sales have registered but a small growth since the beginning of the year. The company has disclosed that sales have gone only three per cent high as the recently released Wii U did not make a strong impact on customers.

Further sales improvements might be registered in the following quarters as Nintendo is making efforts to bring some of its famous games to smart devices. No word has yet been released in relation to the features of the smartphone-based games, to their prices or to the strategy that Nintendo could use to allure increasingly more customers.

The company is now consolidating its brand image by designing a new adventure park in Orlando together with Universal Parks and Resorts. This move will keep game lovers returning to the all too famous Mario.
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