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No Man’s Sky Gets Major Overhaul with Pathfinder Update • Mirror Daily

Hello Games announced that Pathfinder Update brings about new ships, planetary exploration vehicles, and more.

Thinking about giving No Man’s Sky another shot? Then you might have one more reason to do so because Hello Games, the developer behind the controversial space exploration and trading game just announced the Pathfinder update.

So, what’s the Pathfinder update and why should it make any difference? First of all, we are well aware of the fact that No Man’s Sky was probably not the best-received title of the year. If you would recall, the game lost nearly one-quarter of its online community weeks after the game was launched.

It’s safe to assume that No Man’s Sky had a rough start, but that didn’t stop Hello Games from trying to improve the game and to transform it into a truly unique experience. As you are about to see, the Pathfinder updates totally revamp the concept of open-world space exploration.

Launched just a couple of days ago, the Pathfinder update has been called a major overhaul by Hello Games. Why all the fuss about the update? Well, according to the game’s developer, apart from a couple of major improvements which we’re going to discuss in a little while, Hello Games also added PS4 Pro Support, optimized 4K resolutions, new dialogue options, a new ship class, and, wait for it! Three new planetary exploration vehicles.

In terms of graphics, the developers added ultra and high-resolution textures, HDR support, crepuscular rays, post-processing, improved ambient occlusion, and improved ambient lighting. Moreover,  the 4K feature has been optimized for PC and PS4 alike.

As far as gameplay is concerned, Hello Games has announced that dialogues can now be skipped and the subtitle run a little faster down the screen. The mission log can now be used to track multiple mission, and a permadeath mode was added for extra fun.

Now let’s get to the juicy part. As mentioned before, the game will feature a new type of ship, and, even better, all ships available throughout the game will be broken down into four major categories, each of them having its pros and cons, abilities, and perks – fighters, shuttles, explorers, and haulers.

The other major improvement brought by the Pathfinder update is the ability to use vehicles to explore a planet. These vehicles are called exocrafts, and the player will be able to choose between three classes: Colossus, Roamer, and Nomad.

Some of the other goodies included in the Pathfinder update are time trials, ability to share bases over the Internet, photo mode, and trophies for Survival/Permadeath modes.

Image source: SketchPort

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