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No More Stalking Your Ex While Drunk, As Google Photos Hides Their Pics For You • Mirror Daily

Well, now you’re not going to see your ex anymore, fat or not

(Mirror Daily, United States) We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, but no more stalking your ex while drunk, as Google Photos hides their pics for you, with their new feature.

One of my favorite quotes from around the internet says that your ex asking you to stay friends after you broke up is like them saying you’re dog’s dead, but let’s keep the body. And it’s exactly like that. There is absolutely no point in staying friends, let alone having them on your social media networks, such as Facebook or Google +. Seeing their photos there, especially after they’ve moved on and are happy while you’re still at home in your sweatpants every night endlessly surfing 9gag, is not a fun ride.

Luckily for us, the nice people over at Google Photos decided to lend us a helping hand. We’re talking about their latest update of the app, for Android, which allows you to hide a certain person under your People tab. It’s nice that the tool will keep the photos from appearing in your “rediscover this day” tab as well, so it could save you a lot of discomfort in seeing how nice and tanned your ex is after that trip to the Bahamas.

Even more so, when combined with Facebook’s efforts in the same direction. Facebook too offers a similar trait. The “on this day” feature can be set up and personalized by each user so that it doesn’t show you that one year ago on this day you were happy in a healthy relationship and now you are in a relationship with your cat and your cupcakes.

These tools for control are welcomed by users, because Facebook, for example, has received criticism in the past for the “On this day” feature. Users have complained that Facebook should not toy with people’s emotions like that and dig up the past. The past is the past and it should lay buried and forgotten, especially when it comes to exes, users seem to think.

Also, although right now it is just for Android, Google has announced the feature will come for iOS and with web updates soon enough too. It does seem like a nice initiative because, although both Google + and Facebook are social networks, designed to bring people together, it’s also good to be offered some kind of shield from the emotional distress interacting with others may inflict upon you.

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