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Occipital Bridge Joins VR Heavyweight League • Mirror Daily

With Occipital Bridge you will be able to mix virtual reality with augmented reality.

Since everyone’s only talking about Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, we wish to present a VR alternative which not only cost less, but it’s also as powerful as the two VR headsets.

Introducing the Occipital Bridge, a VR headset created exclusively for iPhones. This newcomer is not only a great alternative to the VR headsets we’ve mentioned above, but it’s also very powerful since it was designed to mix virtual reality with reality.

The new VR headset is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2017, and it would seem that it’s got all the bells and whistles to wrestle with the heavyweight champions. Occipital Bridge was specifically designed for users who want to experience VR, but don’t want to empty their bank accounts in order to do so.

The new iPhone-compatible AR/VR headset is somewhat similar to Samsung’s Gear VR headset and Google’s Cardboard. However, unlike the devices created by Samsung and Google which use a pseudo-stereoscopic effect to fool you into seeing images in depth, Occipital Bridge is capable of rendering frames in true VR.

The headset features a Structure Sensor which is able to map out the real environment in order to construct a virtual reality environment. Occipital Bridge also has a built-in proximity sensor which alerts you whenever you are in danger of colliding with an object in the real world.

The room VR feature was also present in HTC’s Vive VR, but according to many users’ reviews, the feature was quite hard to set up, since it would require the user to buy and install multiple 3D sensors around the room in order to achieve the desired effect.

With Occipital Bridge, this option is activated by default, and, might we add, that’s it’s awesome. Imagine how it will be to fill your living room with otherworldly objects or recreate a full-fledged battle arena.

Like its peers, the Occipital Bridge VR/AR headset features kinetic controller, outfitted with several gyroscopes. This means that you won’t have to lie still in front of your computer in order to explore the VR environment.

The only disadvantage we could think of after reviewing Bridge’s specification is that the VR headset is only compatible with iPhone handsets and tablets.

So, what to expect in terms of price? According to the company, Occipital Bridge will have a price tag of $400.

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