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Oculus Is Preparing to Launch New Virtual Reality Headset • Mirror Daily

Based on the recent announcements made public by Facebook’s division, Oculus is preparing to launch a new virtual reality headset, which could significantly improve the users’ looks and feels while accessing the virtual world. Oculus Rift, the future upgrade that the company has prepared will most likely be unveiled during a special press event programmed to take place on June 11.

Given the recent success that game consoles, such as, Microsoft’s Xbox One have registered in the game industry, developers seem to have neglected virtual reality. Future prospects, however, hold good news for lovers of VR headsets.

Facebook’s recently acquired virtual reality technology company, Oculus VR, has recently announced that they would be releasing an improved version of their Oculus Rift virtual headset. The official launch of the new game device is due to take place during a special press event that will be held in San Francisco, on June 11.

Oculus VR’s official invitation for the event features the Rift headset placed over a dark background. The image is accompanied by possibly the shortest introduction ever: “Step into the Rift” followed by the date and location of the press event and the company’s logo.

Oculus is yet reserved when it comes to offering information related to the virtual reality game console. The technology company has only released a video showing people the recent projects they have been developing to improve players’ sensation of the virtual reality.

According to the video, the Oculus Rift VR headset has been endowed with advanced recognition technology that can better reproduce players’ facial traits. The recognition properly identifies all the movements that players make with their mouths and eyes.

Oculus Rift was not provided with a limited database of facial traits, as previous reality headsets used to have. The device is simply capable of identifying real-time facial movements on its own. The results that the headset has registered during tests prove that its accuracy is very good.

Tech developers who have tested Oculus Rift during its pre-launching period have stated that the device has perfectly identified all the frowns and facial expressions that users have made. Regardless of how unusual the movements were, the virtual reality headset immediately reproduced them with 100% accuracy.

Facebook, the company that currently holds Oculus VR due to the March 2014 agreements thinks the new improved headset could have good implications for social networking, as well.

Project managers at Facebook think people will be more inclined to use these headsets while accessing virtual reality as people will get the same feel they do in day to day life. The social network did not say how they plan to link this new face recognition technology to social networking.
Image Source: Tech Crunch

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