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Oculus Quill Brings VR Magic Into Art

Dear Angelica will be the first movie created with Oculus Quill

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Oculus Story Studio is showing the world how Oculus Quill brings VR magic into art in their upcoming movie Dear Angelica, a beautiful story told in virtual reality. It was almost a year to the day when the company first announced the creation of Oculus Story Studio. Since then, two movies have been announced with a third on the way.

The first film-centric virtual reality experience was Lost, followed by the 3D animated Henry. Now, Oculus is bringing an entirely new way of telling us a story, using all its VR might and the new Quill tool. The third and latest film to arrive from the studios, Dear Angelica, displays the potential and incredibly fascinating way on how VR can work its magic. And, implicitly, to involve the viewer in another world.

The movie surrounds the memories of a teenage girl, diving into her recollections of her movie star mother. As the story unfolds, the visuals are build around you, beautiful strokes of paint brushes slowly building the world. The viewer may follow the story, examine the art, or even follow the brush as it creates the colorful environment around them. Wherever their gaze would fall, they will be able to follow the story from whichever angle they choose.

The stunning and fluid imagery is created with the exceptional technology of the Oculus Quill. With a simple movement of their hand, artists can create visually spectacular representations, similar to HTC Vive’s Tilt Brush. The viewer will be able to explore the world painted by the tool in true virtual reality fashion. They can look where they wish, and should they want a closer look, all they have to do is lean in.

However, unlike HTC Vive’s tool, the Quill will not be placed at the hands of the average users. Instead, it will be kept exclusively for Oculus illustrators. At least, in the beginning. It could be an excellent tool at helping artists show the true emotion in their creation. Viewers will be able to understand the message, see where their brush strokes began, and watch the entire painting form before their eyes.

Artists can, as well, use Quill for the purpose of conveying their emotions. This can range from the pace of their brush strokes, the tempo of their design, and message they wish to send. The tool can infuse suspense, show humor, and create a thrilling crescendo as the drawing unfolds faster and faster. These are things that often get lost in translation.

According to the illustrator for Dear Angelica, Wesley Allsbrook, this is something she has been dreaming of all her life. And, once the Oculus Rift headset officially launches, we could all see exactly what she meant.

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