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Oculus Rift Will Launch with Elite Dangerous Game • Mirror Daily

The new Rift technology will be launched with Elite Dangerous.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – It seems that the launch title for the new virtual reality technology will be a space simulator. Oculus Rift will launch with Elite Dangerous game. The good news is that players who already own the vanilla edition of the game will receive the Rift version for free.

Both official blogs belonging to Elite Dangerous and Oculus Rift announced that the space simulator was chosen as the launch title of the new VR headset. The technology will be officially released on the 28th of March, so players are beginning to feel restless.

The first one to share the news was the official blog of the Oculus Rift technology. “Elite Dangerous brings deep space to Oculus for Rift launch” was the announcement written white on black in the blog’s header. The post is accompanied by screenshots of the game and news that Rift will support cross-platform games with consoles, Mac, PC, and, of course, Oculus.

At first, players who owned the vanilla edition of the game were concerned that they would have to purchase it again in order to be able to play it with Oculus. But fortunately, the blog post removed any doubts by stating that

“All current Elite Dangerous and Horizons season pass owners can get the Oculus version for free!”

But this purchasing issue was not the only concern expressed by players on forums. There were a couple of individuals who wondered if the new version will be compatible with their old DK2 headsets, or if they will have to buy the new Rift headsets in order to enjoy the space simulator in virtual reality.

Fortunately for them, Ars Technica responded to their questions and assured the players that the Elite Dangerous current iterations will be compatible with the DK2 versions. In other words, those who already have the regular version of the game and an older version of the VR headsets will be able to play the game on the 28th free of charge.

But there is still more good news. Even though Oculus Rift will launch with Elite Dangerous, the game is not compatible exclusively with Rift technology. So HTC Vive owners will also be able to enjoy the space simulator.

Elite Dangerous is a massively multiplayer space epic that allows players to explore the Milky Way in their own ship, trade with other players, lead armadas into battle, buy new ships, or exchange their vessel with another, carry out quests and many more interesting features.

Image source: YouTube

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