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Ohio Traffic Offense Suspect Drops Bag of Cocaine During Court Hearing • Mirror Daily

An Ohio traffic offense suspect dropped a bag of cocaine in court.

On the subject of a simple day can go from bad to worse, we present you the case of 39-year-old from Lorain, Ohio, who is now wanted by the authorities for possessing, transporting, and consuming controlled substances after he dropped a bag full of cocaine during his court hearing. According to the authorities, the man came in to answer for a minor traffic offense.

Ohio Resident In Court for Traffic Offense

The Ohio authorities have recently issued an arrest warrant for Lemar Reed, a 39-year-old Lorain resident. According to the man’s affidavit, he’s being wanted for possessing illegal substances.

The man’s scuffle with the law began a couple of days ago. Being cited for a minor traffic offense, the man was compelled to make a court appearance. Throughout his trial, which was presided by Judge Mark Mihok, the man seemed a little on the age, and constantly playing with his blue baseball cap.

Mihok told the reporters that Lemar Reed committed a minor traffic offense, for which he received a traffic ticket. However, his recent court appearance will change his life forever.

Reed Dropped a Bag of Cocaine on the Floor

After the trial had ended and Reed left, one of the officer present during the individual’s hearing saw a transparent plastic bag on the floor, next to the chair Reed was sitting. The officer picked up the mysterious package and opened it. According to his statements, it contained a powder-like substance which resembled cocaine.

The package and its contents were both tested on the spot and, lo and behold, the substance tested positive for cocaine. Naturally, the law enforcement officers review the surveillance tapes to see who was the owner of the mysterious cocaine bag.

The surveillance footage revealed that, during his trial, Lemar Reed flipped his hat so many times that the bag containing the magic powder dropped out of it.  Judge Mark Mihok was informed by the law enforcement officers about the nature of the substance and, of course, to whom it belongs to.

Of course, in lack of a more appropriate response, Mihok declared that this is the first time something like this happens. Also mentioned that Reed is probably one of the unluckiest beings on this planet because he came in to answer for a small traffic offense and now the police are hot on his trail, since he might be a drug dealer.

At this point, the Lorain Police Department is working towards established Lemar Reed’s whereabouts.

Image source: Wikipedia

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