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Oklahoma Man Killed Three Teens and Called 911 for Assistance • Mirror Daily

Oklahoma man shot and killed three teenage suspects who tried to burglarize his house.

Wagoner County authorities reported that an Oklahoma man shot and killed three teens before dialing 911 for assistance. Preliminary reports suggested that the three teens entered the man’s house with the intent to burglarize it. All three of them were found dead at the scene. A fourth suspect has been identified and arrested on Tuesday. The suspects were killed by the home owner’s son with an AR-15 assault rifle.

According to the Oklahoma authorities, on Monday, at around 12:00 pm, an individual dialed 911 and told the operator that some people broke into his home and that he shot two of them. He also informed the operator that a third individual is still in the house and that he’s conscious. The authorities said that the voice on the phone belongs to 23-year-old Zach Peters, the home owner’s son.

When asked by the operator where he is now, Peters answered that he had barricaded himself in the bedroom and that he is going to put the gun on the bed and wait for the authorities to arrive. Two minutes after the call was placed, a sheriff’s deputy arrived at Peters’ house and secured the area.

According to the Oklahoma authorities, the three individuals shot and killed by Peters broke through the house’s glass backdoor with the intent to lift up any valuables in the house. The recorded 911 call reveals that the home owner’s son used an AR-15 assault rifle in order to deal with the invaders.

As for the victims, the authorities later identified them as being Jaykob Woodriff (16), Jacob Redfern (17), and Maxwell Cook (19). Nick Mahoney, a Wagoner County Deputy, declared that a fourth suspect had been identified in the Oklahoma home invasion case.

On Tuesday, 21-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez turned herself in and said she has vital information about the case. The results of Rodriguez’s interview revealed that she and the other three male suspect who were shot and killed during the home invasion have previously burglarized another apartment. Furthermore, it appears that the gang targeted this house because they knew the owner would be away.

As for Rodriguez’s involvement, the authorities determined that she was the gateway driver. Under the Oklahoma law, Rodriguez might be charged with attempted burglary and even murder. In addition, it appears that the Oklahoma authorities are investigating whether the home owner’s son was acting in self-defense, within the boundaries of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, when he shot and killed the three suspects.

Image source: Wikipedia

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