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Old fossils as Possible Proof of Alien Life • Mirror Daily

The old fossils were found in Greenland.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Researchers and astronomers are working together in order to discover what secrets are hidden behind some of the oldest fossils on Earth. They have reasons to believe that they may prove themselves to be an evidence of alien life.

The old fossils were found in Greenland, and they stand as a proof of early life on Earth. Researchers identified them as being almost four millions years old. Back then, the Earth and Mars were quite similar structures. This leads scientists to believe that if there was life on one of the planets, namely Earth, there should have been life on the other one too.

What the old fossils revealed is tiny organisms, such as bacteria, caught in stone. Similar microbes can still be found in some of the seas and oceans of the world nowadays.

Before the unveiling of the Greenland fossils, researchers believed that Australian ones were the oldest in the world.

The research on the Greenland fossils was conducted by Allen Nutman. He thinks that Earth met all the necessary conditions to allow life to develop earlier than other researchers initially believed.

According to scientists, the Earth was hit by asteroids four billion years ago. However, minuscule forms of life were able to evolve quite soon after the impact. The stromatolites (structures which could trap bacteria) were formed in the seas and oceans. Researchers linked this information to the fact that Mars could have also displayed liquid water on its surface, thus allowing the formation of stromatolites.

Although some of the scientists struggle to find proof of the fact that aliens exist, it seems that some other researchers already found evidence that extraterrestrial life existed. If it turns out to be true that liquid water on Mars allowed stromatolites to develop, it means that the scientific community has evidence on past alien forms of life.

Researchers were able to find the oldest fossils on Earth thanks to ice and snow melting in Greenland. This might not be the only case of ice hiding precious data from scientists. Although climate change and global warming have many damaging effects, it seems like positive results emerge once in a while.

Researchers always hoped that Mars would give them such a surprise. Discovering forms of life outside of Earth, be them past or present, can be easily classified as one of the most outstanding findings in the scientific field.

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