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Oreo Peeps Might Turn Your Poop Pink, Some Customers Said • Mirror Daily

Some Oreo Peeps consumers said that the product turns your tongue and poop pink.

Have you ever wondered about how you can brighten up your day? Some would try hanging out with friends, other would curl up in bed with a good book, while others might try to see what happens when you eat a whole pack of Oreo Peeps. According to some customers, after consuming one or more of Oreo’s latest treats, the feces would turn to a bright pink. Doctor’s said that there is no cause for concern, as the edible dye found in the treats is responsible for this whimsical transformation.

So, what’s this about Oreo’s newest flavor turning your poo pink? Let’s start by pointing out a few facts. A couple of weeks ago, the company launched a new type of treat called Oreo Peeps. Basically, they are the same popular Oreo biscuits, but with a Marshmallow Peeps-inspired filling. These Oreo Peeps were launched in a limited, so it is easy to assume that there weren’t too many packs left at the end of the day, considering the company’s vast fandom.

Now, what’s so special about Oreo’s latest product? Well, apart from the fact that the filling is bright pink, there’s nothing special about them. Except maybe for the package, which actually looks like a big pink turd, with two butterflies flying around it.

However, upon eating a couple of them, some consumers found out that the edible die found inside it turns your tongue and even your feces pink. Others said that after eating just one pack of Oreo Peeps, their saliva remained pink for several hours.

And to make matters even more interesting, depending on how many Oreo Peeps you eat, your poop can be either bright pink or even a reddish pink.

So, what do the doctors have to say about this surprising fact? Naturally, most of them would say something about limiting the amount of daily sugar intake. As for the bright pink color, they’ve said that there is no need for concern, as Oreo Peeps are laden with edible dye and that’s the reason why our poop tends to have a different color than usual.

Surprisingly enough, Oreo’s Peeps aren’t the only treats that do that. Kool-Aid, blueberry Jello, and even some fast food products such as Burger King’s Whopper can change the color of your feces. However, the doctors advised us to seek medical assistance if we observed that our poop has a reddish color, as that might be a sign of a much serious condition such as internal bleeding.

Image source: Flickr

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