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Oshkosh Corp Balances the Market with a Good Performance • Mirror Daily

Oshkosh Corporation takes no excuses and continues with a good performance as shown in its third quarter ratings.

The meltdown experienced by other businesses in the same field is not an excuse for Oshkosh Corporation to do great in its ratings. They have recorded a relatively higher increase for their cement products.

The increase that was tallied was at 6.2 percent. In dollars, this is already worth 47.69. This is way too much beyond the expectations considering that the market for this industry is not doing well as of the moment.

Their sales for tactical vehicles were the primary movers for the change in the numbers. They were able to record $77.8 million in their total. This is an increase of 93 cents per share for the company. This is way too high compared to the 40 cent per share made by the others.

Oshkosh Corporation is not contented with the increase. They have released their agenda for the coming year and it clearly shows that they are out for more. They are expecting movements in the revenue such as a 100-million dollar increase in their net income. This could really be a challenge for the company since a single error could lead to a lot of financial problems.

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