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Outlast 2 Is Coming. Don’t Play It Home Alone • Mirror Daily

Try to run from this guy. He’s gonna kill you

(Mirror Daily, United States) News have emerged that the famous Outlast 2 is coming. Don’t play it home alone though, warnings say, as you might get the scare of your life.

Outlast is known to be one of the scariest games out there. It is a first person point of view video horror game, set on survival. Its main character is a journalist, Miles Upshur, who is investigating a secluded psychiatric hospital in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado. It was first released for Windows in 2013 and then for PlayStation 4 in 2014.

And now it seems like we’ll be getting its terrifying sequel. It is set to become available in the fall of 2016, for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. Its creators say that the game’s action will be placed in the same environment, but that it will have a different setting and brand new characters.

A teaser trailer of barely over a minute was released along with the news. The game will clearly have a religious theme, as the teaser shows us a huge cross in flames, which slowly revolves until it gets completely upside down, becoming a satanic cross. It then burns out. All the while, a creepy voice narrates in the background about God’s punishments for sins like fornication.

Looks good to us! And, probably, just like the first part, Outlast 2 will get positive reviews from critics and fans as well. The only thing is, just don’t play it while home alone. Might get scarier than you thought. Users have said about Outlast 1 that it’s definitely not for everyone, being even more scarier than Slender or Amnesia. Although the game lasts  five to six hours, gamers say they’ve been playing it in periods of one hour at a time, because it can get emotionally distressing.

As the main character shudders, spasms, breathes heavily and mutters to himself, so will you. A series of characters appear that are prone to scare the daylight out of you. While most of the deranged patients of the asylum are harmless and satisfy themselves with only whispering things to the darkness around, some are there to kill you. Like the naked twins who follow you around reminding you they want to rape you or the big guy who wants to crush your skull with his bare hands.

Perhaps what’s even scarier about the game is the fact that you are completely and utterly powerless. There is no fighting in this game and you have no weapons. You can only run and / or hide until you’ve collected all the data you need and can get the hell out of there.

All evidence points to the fact that Outlast 2 will be at least the same when it comes to scary, so you might want to keep your lights on for a few nights, just in case.

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