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Pages Sharing Fake News No Longer Allowed to Advertise on Facebook • Mirror Daily

Pages sharing fake news on Facebook have been banned advertising

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Facebook continues its fight against the spread of misinformation with another important step to defeat those pages which promote it. If the platform identifies a page which is constantly sharing fake news, it will no longer allow it to buy ads.

If you share fake news, you can no longer advertise

Facebook is serious in its fight against fake news, so it improved its method of detecting them. Therefore, the platform is currently collaborating with several third-party organizations which perform fact-checking, and flag those pages and stories which promote false stories.

When such a page is detected, Facebook will ban it from advertising. In fact, the platform’s rules already prevent ads from promoting fake stories. Now, the ban moves further, and any page known to spread misinformation will no longer be able to promote any kind of ad.

Pages sharing false stories should no longer make money out of it

Facebook knows how fake news easily get viral. One person sharing a false story is enough to trick many others into thinking it is true, then leading to it spreading everywhere. This kind of news can also reach people more easily through ads, and Facebook doesn’t want this to happen anymore.

Therefore, one shared fake story is enough for a page to be refused advertising. Also, Facebook wants to stop these pages from earning money from fake news. However, if their ‘behavior’ starts improving, and they stop sharing these kinds of stories, the pages in question might be eligible for regaining permission to advertise.

Facebook’s strategies against fake news have gained rise since the 2016 US Presidential Election, when plenty of false information was given to people. Since then, its methods have improved. The platform also issued some campaigns where people were taught how to spot fake news, and how to flag them. Facebook condemns these pages, and blames them for the people’s lack of knowledge and information.
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