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Peanuts and Eggs Are Your Allies for Your Baby’s Diet • Mirror Daily

Do you feed your baby peanuts and eggs?

(Mirror Daily, United States) Pediatricians recommend parents a new way of preventing their children’s allergies to peanuts and eggs. The remedy is quite simple, and it requires introducing these ingredients in your baby’s food at an early age. A new study from health experts shows improved results with babies who consumed such food in their first months of life.

Specialists led a new research which was based on previous studies. Approximately two hundred thousand cases were analyzed before stating the results. What the researchers did was observing babies’ diet before they turned one year old.

According to the new findings, peanut allergies are easier to prevent than egg allergies. The study found that babies aged four to eleven months who received food containing peanuts had seventy percent chances not to develop allergies related to this ingredient later in life.

As far as egg allergies are concerned, children aged four to six months when starting to assimilate the ingredient have forty percent fewer chances of developing an allergy when they get older.

The purpose of this research was to find ways of preventing food allergies. Statistics show that peanuts and egg allergies are among the most frequent with kids. However, doctors insist that parents should also take into account other allergic reactions of their babies. Before any change to their diet, parents should also ask for the advice of a specialist.

When it comes to babies’  food, pediatricians always recommend the minced food. Especially peanuts and solid ingredients should be minced so that kids can swallow properly and not choke.

Previous recommendations from health experts suggested that elements such as peanuts and eggs shouldn’t be introduced in the children’s diet at early ages. The suggestion was addressed especially to children who were prone to allergies. The recommended age for introducing these ingredients in their food was around two or three.

However, recent research shows that things should go quite the opposite. The new study accounts for the efficiency of the early introduction of peanuts and eggs in babies’ diet when it comes to fighting against the allergies. The fact children are introduced to these ingredients in their very first months of life gives their organisms time to get used to them.

Specialists state that further research is necessary to examine the risk of side effects. Based on studies that will be conducted in the future, experts will be able to release more accurate official information on introducing peanuts and eggs in children’s diet.

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