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PepsiCo Prepares Smartphone for the Chinese Market • Mirror Daily

Oppo N1 is the first smartphone that Pepsi labeled in 2013.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Starting with the following months, PepsiCo prepares smartphone for the Chinese market. The new model will cost approximately $200 and will be introduced on October 20, during a special press event.

PepsiCo is desperately looking to add its label on adjacent products from tech devices to accessories. The most recent deal was signed with Del Toro, an Italian shoemaker, who is supposed to design a new pair of soccer shoes, which will receive the Pepsi label.

Although the company has made a reputation from food and beverage products, Pepsi does not want to keep aloof from the growing technology market. Consequently, the company produced the Oppo N1 smartphone approximately two years ago, but it failed to trigger the desired effect.

Oppo N1 was not developed by Pepsi, but only labeled as such. The smartphone was a low-end device that guaranteed users the most popular high-end specs. To be more specific, the device had a 13-megapixel camera and a 5.9-inch display. Users also benefitted of 2GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage capacity.

Although Oppo N1 did not become very popular, Pepsi was rather pleased with the results of their previous campaigns. For this reason, the company will launch a new smartphone, but only for the Chinese customers. The launching is due to take place on October 20 with most of the tech specifications being disclosed during the official presentation.

In spite of the mystery that Pepsi is trying to maintain, tech analysts have, nevertheless, managed to find some details in relation to the phone. In keeping with its previous model, the Pepsi P1 smartphone will be sold at approximately $200 and will be provided with some of the most advanced features at present.

Pepsi P1 will not be manufactured by the food and drink producer, the company has explained. The device will most likely be created in collaboration with a renowned smartphone producer. Once the production will be complete, the drink maker will label the new smartphone as Pepsi P1. More details will be revealed as the publishing day grow near, PepsiCo’s spokespersons have concluded.

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