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Pets Sharing Your Bed Might Be Better For Your Sleep

Letting pets share your bed might be better for your sleep

(Mirror Daily, United States) – There are numerous conflicting studies, but a new research found that pets sharing your bed might be better for your sleep. They could provide comfort and a sense of security that is very much sought-after. This is especially the case for people who are single or whose partners often work or travel during the night.

The issue has been brought up many times. The rate of pet owners around the United States has gone up, which has driven the number of studies in the same direction. Those discouraging pets from sleeping in your bedroom or even in your bed, bring up the issue of different sleeping patterns. Humans need between 7 to 9 hours of continuous sleep.

Pets, such as cats and dogs, have different sleeping cycles. While dogs have been shown to adapt their resting patterns to their owners, cats rarely snooze for the entire night. Felines preferred wandering, which is why most would find them running around the home or loudly demanding to be allowed to leave.

Previous studies have found that 10% of pet owners reported their companion’s nightly activity as “disruptive”. That’s up from the 9% of the population that claimed the same back in 2001.

However, a new study at the Center for Sleep Medicine at Mayo Clinic found the opposite.

They conducted a study on 150 participants, half of whom were pet owners, be it cats, dogs, or even parrots. Among them, 56% admitted that they allow their pet to sleep in their bedroom or even share their bed. And 41% of those further stated that they do not disrupt their sleep. Even more, it enhances it.

Pet owners who choose to allow their critters to share their bed stated that they feel more secure, calm, and relaxed to have them by their side. Most view their domesticated animals as part of their family. They want them included in every aspect of their lives. That’s likely why your Facebook Feed is likely full of cute dogs being dressed up for the holidays.

According to one of the researchers, Dr. Lois Krahn, they create a sense of security for their owners, which leads to a better night’s sleep. It’s a significant find considering there are still millions of Americans struggling with the issue of nightly rest.

However, it was mentioned that sleeping with your pet on the bed is not everyone’s cup of tea. Due to the aforementioned difference in sleeping patterns, some might find them bothersome. Be it because of their snoring, movement, or even fear of harming them, they cannot share their bed with a pet. For some though, it could provide better rest.

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