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Photo of Gay Military Men Kissing Goes Viral • Mirror Daily

The two men are honored by the support they received from people who saw their wedding photo.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – February is the month of the heart, in both meanings. And Valentine’s Day is a national holiday when love is celebrated by all. And as a photo of gay military men kissing goes viral we understand just how much the world has evolved and how beautiful love can be.

Three days before Valentine’s Day, on the 11th of February, Shane Adriano and Tristian Resz said yes in a small courthouse ceremony surrounded by family and friends. The two military men were planning to exchange nuptials in a small ceremony and start their new, married life with no additional ado.

But things don’t always work out exactly as they were planned and as the photo of gay military men goes viral, the two realized that their love is supported by a lot of people.

After exchanging their vows and being declared officially married by the Springfield judge, Spc. Adriano and Pfc. Resz shared the traditional kiss that seals the ceremony. The photograph that captured this beautiful moment was then shared on a social media platform by the American Association of Military Partners.

Ever since the photograph was shared by the Association, it gathered around five thousand likes and over a thousand shares. Even though some of the hundreds of comments posted were not very friendly, others were very encouraging.

Veterans or people currently serving in the army were among the people who wanted to make sure that their disapproval is heard. But their negativity did not ruin the newlyweds’ day because there were other hundreds of people who were happy to congratulate them and wish them the best of luck in their new marriage.

Specialist Shane Adriano and Private First Class Tristian Resz got married in Missouri in front of family and friends, and because the American Association of Military Partners decided to share their wedding kiss photograph on a social media account, with the rest of the world.

And as the photo of gay military men kissing goes viral we understand the fact that the LGBT community in the Unites States is beginning to receive a lot more love and support than hate.

Negative comments were unavoidable seeing as the two men are a part of the military. The people who served and are currently serving in the military have a tendency of not being the most supportive fans of the LGBT community. But Pfc Shane and Pfc Resz are a proof that there are military men out there who are proud to be gay and in love.

Image source: Facebook

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