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Pick-Up Truck Driver Who Rammed Church Bus in Rural Texas Said He Was Texting • Mirror Daily

The pickup driver who collided with a church minibus on Wednesday said he was texting.

The investigation into the deadly accident that occurred on Wednesday in rural Texas revealed shocking new details. According to an eyewitness account, the driver of the pick-up truck who caused the accident in which 13 people perished was texting. The Department of Public Safety could not confirm nor deny this allegation. However, their preliminary report suggests that the driver of the pick-up truck was driving erratically, crossing over the median section a couple of times prior to the accident.

As you know, on Wednesday, a deadly car accident occurred in rural Texas, approximately 75 miles from San Antonio, near the town of Concan. A pick-up truck driven by 20-year-old Jack Dilon Young collided with minibus which carried some of the members of The First Baptist Church of New Braunfels. The church members were coming back from a 3-day retreat spent at the Alto Frio Baptist Encampment in the town of Leakey. The authorities said that the retreat was just 9 miles away from the crash site.

Following the collision, 12 people were killed on the spot, and another church member was transported to the San Antonio Hospital where he later died due to the injuries he had sustained in the crash.

Although the National Transportation Safety Board and the Department of Safety have decided to keep quiet regarding the investigation, it would appear the whole chain of events that led to the fatal rural Texas accident was witnessed by a man and his girlfriend. The couple was driving behind Young’s pickup truck before the accident occurred.

Jody Kuchler, on the accident’s eyewitnesses, declared that he and his girlfriend were driving behind Young’s pickup truck when they saw the car swerving off the main road. Kuchler asked his girlfriend to record the individual’s traffic behavior while he called the authorities in the hope that someone will get the man off the rural Texas road before he injures anyone.

Before anyone could react, Young lost control of his vehicle and collided with the church minibus. Kuchler declares that after the event was over, he got out of the vehicle and went to render assistance. He recalls pulling Young from his pickup truck and asking him why he lost control of his truck.

Young said ‘I’m sorry!’ a couple of times and he admitted that he might have been texting prior to hitting the church minibus. The investigation continues.

Image source: FreeGreatPicture

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