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Pizza Shop Customer Shot Two Robbers. One Was Pronounced Dead. • Mirror Daily

Two robbers were shot in a pizza shop by an armed customer.

Police authorities from Levittown, Pennsylvania, are questioning a man who opened fire on two armed robbers. According to the police’s official spokespersons, the man who is currently being an investigation by Levittown authorities, shot two males who attempted to rob a pizza shop, killing in the process.

The incident took place on Tuesday night, at Porfirio’s Pizza and Pasta. The locale is situated in the town’s shopping plaza.

According to the customer’s statements, sometimes late at night, two men barged into the locale. As the client got up to leave the diner, one of the two suspects hit him with the back end of his firearm. Immediately after the man took out his weapon and shot the two armed robbers.

At the time of the shooting, the locale was empty except for two employees and the customer. The two employees, who alerted the authorities in the meantime, confirmed that the two men who entered the pizza shop were indeed armed and were set to rob the restaurant. They’ve also confirmed that one of the robbers pistol-whipped the client before the shooting started.

Joe Bartorilla, Middletown’s Police Chief, declared upon arriving at the scene, police officers discovered two men on the floor. One of them was dead, while the other was critically injured. The officers called for an ambulance which rushed the man to the local hospital.

According to the recent statements, the man’s condition is stable for the moment. As for the gun slinging customer, the officers brought him in for questioning. Bartorilla added that the customer possesses a valid gun permit. However, at the moment, the investigator working on the case want to determine if the man had a concealed gun permit.

Further investigation revealed that when the paramedics arrived at the scene, the man refused medical attention.

For now, the information regarding the incident which took place at the pizza shop is sketchy, at best. Investigators were not able to determine why the assailants wanted to rob the pizza shop or if there is a connection between the customer and the victims.

When asked about additional details, Bartorilla declared that the investigation is still underway, and more details will be revealed on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, this is not the only incident which occurred over the past couple of weeks, and authorities are worried that if not stopped, the violence will escalate to a whole new level.

Image source: Flickr

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