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Play A Game and Get a Job at Uber • Mirror Daily

Uber is starting to become a more popular service than the classic taxi cabs.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Are you an engineer looking for a job? You could play a game and get a job at Uber, provided that you have an Uber account, you use if often, you receive the game notification, and you can beat the game.

You can tell that a company means business when they don’t just post on-line announcements that they’re hiring. When you’re looking for a skilled person, you want that individual to prove his or her strengths right from the start.

It is universally known that people lie on their resumes, so why approach the hiring process from the classical way when we live in a world dominated by apps. If you can set your thermostat via a mobile phone app, why not interview for your next job in the same way?

It seems that now you can play a game and get a job at Uber if you are good enough to beat it. The company is looking for new engineers, so it came up with a unique recruiting technique.

According to the enterprise, they targeted areas where there is a high density of engineers. They then searched all of the people that have an Uber account and that use the company’s services often.

Afterwards, they sent all of them an invite to play a coding game named “Code on the Road”. The users have the possibility of politely declining the invitation or play the game. If they choose the latter, then they will have precisely one minute to solve three coding problems.

If the test goes smoothly than the users are given the possibility to get in touch with the car sharing company and discuss a possible job opportunity.

Among other locations, users from Denver, Texas, Austin, Boston and Seattle have been prompted to solve the coding problems in under sixty seconds. There is no additional information concerning the difficulty of the task or the number of people that managed to complete it.

Uber is fighting with Lyft for the title of best car sharing company. But the first is trying to constantly expand its business and services. Recently Uber had a tough time regarding security when a lot of sensitive information was spilled on the internet and when a driver that collaborated with the company was accused of shooting six people in between Uber calls.

Image source: YouTube

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