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Players Sue Niantic for Pokemon Go Fest Fiasco • Mirror Daily

Pokemon Go Fest went bad, and players got so angry that they sued Niantic

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Niantic wanted to celebrate one year of Pokemon Go in a special way, but the company’s attempt was some sort of a disaster. The special event it organized should have given players the chance to collect rare Pokemon. Instead, it ended in many connection problems and Niantic offering refunds and other compensations. However, players think this wasn’t enough, and want to sue the company.

Players took legal action against Niantic

Since the Pokemon Go anniversary event was so disastrous, Niantic offered to give people refunds and game goodies to compensate for their failed experience. However, some of them felt like they deserved more, and decided to sue the company.

Jonathan Norton has already filed a lawsuit against Niantic. He declared that the company lured people with special Pokemon and other in-game rewards, but they didn’t receive anything. These promises were exactly the things which convinced so many players to join the event.

The Pokemon Go Fest went quite bad, and players were furious

In case you’re not aware of what had happened, here’s a brief description. Last weekend, on Pokemon Go Fest, Niantic promised to offered people the chance to catch tons of unique Pokemons. Instead, they received plenty of connection issues, so it’s understandable why they got upset.

After Norton decided to file the lawsuit, some other participants also decided to join him. However, they didn’t mention what compensation they are looking for. Some of them came from far away, so they had to spend money on their trip and accommodation. However, their attempt might seek more than that.

Niantic didn’t leave disappointed players like that. As mentioned above, the company refunded their tickets and offered them money to use in the game. It even went that far to spare them the effort to catch a Legendary Pokemon and offered them Lugia for free. However, some players were not content, and took legal actions against the company.
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