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PlayStation 4 Users Will Have Free Multiplayer This Weekend

Free multiplayer from Dec. 11 to Dec. 13

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Good news for the next few days, as PlayStation 4 users will have free multiplayer this weekend with no strings attached. You can try it for three days, and then you may return back to single player. Sony is doing their best to draw more gamers to their PlayStation Plus service.

According to Sony, this free trial of multiplayer gaming will start on Friday, December 11th, at 12:01 AM PT and last until Sunday, December 13th, at 11:59 PM PT. And it’s just in time to try out a few gems, such as ‘Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League or ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’s DLC Battle of Jakku. It would be a nice little treat before the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ on December 18th.

It’s safe to say this is Star Wars’ winter with all the hype build up around the franchise. Sony is offering only a way to better include yourself into the numerous of ways you can get immersed into the vast science fiction universe. Multiplayer is arguably the charm of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’. Otherwise, there are just a few single or co-op missions to play over and over again.

Now, with the free online multiplayer for the entire weekend, it will offer a few gamers a taste of how it’s meant to be played. And, perhaps, persuade some of them to pay up their PlayStation Plus subscription once the free trial is over. Stranger things have happened, after all.

All users will need to do is sign in with their PlayStation Network (PSN) account, and head over to the game’s multiplayer option. They won’t be asked any additional commitment beyond the weekend, nor will they need to follow other steps. It’s a simple log in, and then they have a few days of free online services.

Admittedly though, most players who own ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’, ‘Call of Duty 3: Black Ops’ or ‘Destiny’ already have the multiplayer option available through their subscription. They’re the type of videogames that most would believe are not worth it without multiplayer. However, this could be a nudge forward for those not ready to pay up.

It might be worth a try for this weekend, and some players might get hooked. If not, they can just enjoy the free service for a few days. There are plenty of games available that most might’ve not fully tried to play online. For example, they could have purchased ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ with the purpose in mind to just enjoy the expansive world and story.

Now, they will be getting the opportunity to play it online. There has to be a reason Rockstar has been making so many updates to it.

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