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PlayStation Has Its Own Mobile Messaging App

PlayStation Messages will keep you connected to your PSN account

(Mirror Daily, United States) – If your device is not crowded enough yet with messaging services, playstation has its own mobile messaging app that will work to keep contact with your friends. That is, with friends from your PlayStation Network (PSN) account.

Facebook did it as well, and successfully at that. The social media giant removed their messaging app from the main services and brought it into a standalone app. It now has 700 million users, and precise proof that the method works. However, it remains to be seen if Sony can pull it off as well.

The company launched PlayStation Messages, now giving you the ability to connect with your friends on your mobile and arrange gaming sessions. Of course, there are already multiple other services that would cater to similar services. But, Messages will not aim to replace them. Their services will be directed more toward everyone’s “gaming friends”.

That means that it would be the perfect messaging device between yourself and the people you meet across the internet with your PSN account. It’s essentially in the case where you wish to remain just “gaming friends”, without providing them with additional information about yourself, such as your phone number, Facebook account, or Gmail account.

As long as you have them in your friends list on the PSN account, it will be featured on your mobile service as well. This will help you see who is online, who is not, and what exactly they’re playing. And, just like any messaging app, users will be able to tap and chat while they’re away from their PlayStation console.

PlayStation Messages will also allow for groups up to 100 people in case anyone has favorite gaming groups for separate games. They can use text, voice, stickers, and even attachments with iconic PlayStation characters to communicate with their PSN friends. According to Sony, this is a “full-fledged messaging app” that will display your friends list. The names will be sorted alphabetically or by online status, depending on preference and relevance.

The app is reportedly free of charge, and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android devices. The service is reportedly well optimized for all platforms. Of course, users will need a PSN account in order to log in and talk to their gaming friends that they’re not actually friends with in real life.

They’re now easy to reach even through your phone. It’s understandable that Sony isn’t trying to step on anyone’s toes in terms of messaging services. Gaming still seems to be the main focus for PlayStation Messages.

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