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Pokemon Go

(Mirror Daily, United States) If you are the best in sports, then you are a champion. If you are the best in the Pokemon realm, then you are a master. There is little chance for you to be the first since Nick Johnson has already snatched the title: he is the first Master at Pokemon Go.

Nick Johnson gained both the admiration and envy of Pokemon Go players after he became famous for his achievement: being the best player in the world.

Nick’s adventure began immediately after the game was launched. When he started collecting Pokemon in his hometown (New York City), no one could have probably guessed he would end up catching all 142 little monsters in the United States.

The next step in his adventure was to catch three special Pokemon, which was to be found in certain parts of the world: Mr. Mime in France (Europe), Farfetch’d in Hong Kong (Asia), and, eventually, Kangaskhan in Sydney (Australia). So  28-year-old Nick not only traveled to different countries, but to different continents as well. Everywhere he went, he made friends.

Marriott Rewards and Expedia have sponsored his ambitious trip.

So, in less then a month from his announcement that he had caught all Pokemon in the U.S. (23 of July), Nick Johnson is now the first Pokemon Go Master in the world – a title many players might be longing for.

Nick Johnson stated that not everything was fun and games. His job as a technician in a New Yorker mobile company made him professionally curious on how the game works.

“My initial attraction to the game was the chance to pick apart how it worked – to understand the underlying mechanics of things like spawn points, mapping, and how players interact with each other,” first Pokemon Go Master told the Rolling Stones.

Perhaps the developers of the game thought that Pokemon Go would attract professional interest, as well, but there is a reasonable chance for Nick Johnsons’ curiosity and ambition to take them by surprise. They might actually meet the Pokemon Go master, since the young man is currently in Tokyo, with his girlfriend. She has been accompanying and supporting him all along the daring quest.

Image courtesy of: Flickr

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