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'Pokemon Go' Takes Augmented Reality to Smartphones • Mirror Daily

Pokemon Go players can hunt their opponents in real life races.

Starting this autumn ‘Pokemon Go’ takes augmented reality to smartphones. The new game will integrate gaming features in our day to day lives giving players the possibility to follow and identify other Pokemon players on the streets with the help of a special device.

The new smartphone-based version was created through the collaboration between Niantic Labs and Nintendo. Judging by the previous games that Niantic has produced, we may assume that the smartphone version of Pokemon may feature location options. Thus, players may have the possibility to look for other game opponents on real-life streets much as in the case of Ingress.

Based on the official trailer that the company has released, Pokemon Go lets users capture real-life Pokemons. Hostages will then be added to the smartphone game app and players will benefit of subsequent points of advantages.

The blending between the two worlds has been made possible with the help of augmented reality, developers have explained. The real-life hunt relies on a special device that users may be able to purchase from Nintendo.

Many other gaming options have been taken into consideration by the Pokemon producer. It is clear that the developer wants to help players socialize as much as possible. Mewtwo mobs will be organized during which players of a faction will reunite to hunt a much bigger and stronger opponent.

For those who are familiar with Niantic’s previous games, it is clear that Pokemon Go preserves many of Ingress’ features. Similar mobs used to be constantly organized by Ingress users to capture important members. This means, players don’t have to fear the new game will not function properly as producers have already tested most of the gaming features.

In addition to the Nintendo device, players will have other accessories to choose from. The Pokemon Go Plus device, which is based on Bluetooth technology, is optional, but users can get more notifications on gaming events, if they decide to purchase it.

No precise details have been released in relation to the launching date and the cost of the gaming app. More news will be available when the company makes the official release.

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