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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Do Not Come on Nintendo Switch • Mirror Daily

Nintendo confirmed – Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are not coming to the Switch

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Pokemon fans all over the world hope they will soon be able to play their favorite game on Nintendo Switch, as the console seems perfect for the game. They got their hopes high when they saw the announcement for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which mentioned Nintendo Switch, among other consoles. Unfortunately for them, it turned out it was just an error.

Nintendo gave false hopes to Pokemon fans

Nintendo Switch comes with portability features, as well as wireless connection which allows more consoles to play common games. This would make for the perfect environment to play Pokemon on, which gave rise to hopes among players that they would see a Switch version of the game.

A recent announcement made by the Pokemon Company gave them false hopes, as it turned out it only was a mistake. The press release which dealt with the upcoming games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon said they would come for Switch as well. Later, the company clarified that this was only an error.

The mistake does not confirm any future plans

In the next press release, they said Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would feature versions compatible only with the consoles present in the Nintendo 3DS series, and Nintendo Switch was not included. Now, fans suspected that this was some sort of intentional mistake, and that they might have plans for a Switch version. Unfortunately, Nintendo disappointed them again.

“This listing on the Pokémon press site was made in error and is not indicative of future plans.”

Therefore, Pokemon fans will have to deal with the fact that the game won’t make it to Nintendo Switch. The closest thing the company has prepared for them is Pokken Tournament DX, which will be released this year on September 22nd.
Image Source: Pixabay

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