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Pokkén Tournament Is Getting Its Own Wii U Bundle And Controller

The game will launch in March next year

(Mirror Daily, United States) – To amp up the hype, Pokkén Tournament is getting its own Wii U bundle and controller once it releases in Japan. That means there is a distinct possibility Nintendo will follow suit in the United States if the combination proves to be successful. It might be about time for the company to bring out another hit for the franchise.

Up until recently, Pokkén Tournament was only an arcade game, but it has been building tremendous amounts of hype around fans of the series when it was announced that it’s coming to Wii U. This is along with other projects that the company is planning for the franchise to show that it’s far from dead. Its fan base is still active, thriving, and waiting for the next successful installment that will surpass the classics.

Nintendo announced that they will be releasing their very own Wii U Premium Bundle paired up with Pokkén Tournament. This will include a genuine copy of the game, a special booklet, and a Dark Mewtwo amiibo card. It’s all the Pokémon goodness wrapped into one, at 36,800 yen (approximately $300).

It will launch on March 18th, 2016, in Japan, with plans to release worldwide after. In the same year, Pokkén Tournament, likely along with its Wii U bundle, will make its way across the waters to the U.S. and Europe as well. However, while their launch is expected in 2016, Japan remains with the only specific confirmed date.

Nintendo is upping the stakes by also offering a Wii U controller specifically designed with the Pokkén Tournament game in mind. It was created to reflect the arcade arrangement of buttons. Instead of the movement analog sticks though, it will feature directional buttons, four action buttons, and two others normally assigned as “triggers”.

Come spring, players will have the unique controller available, though it’s said that the game will work just as well with GamePad, Pro Controller, or the Classic Pro Controller. However, there’s likely a particular reason why Nintendo made one specifically for Pokkén Tournament. It will launch at the same time as the game, March 18th, and will become available for 3,480 yen (approximately $30).

For now, players eagerly waiting the Wii U game will only be getting a launch date in Japan, though there are plans for release in both North America and Europe. The special controller will likely follow suit.

Pokkén Tournament will arrive next spring, and the hype continues to build as Nintendo released another trailer of the highly anticipated game.

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