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Polaroid Snap Camera Features Playful Options – Mirror Daily

Intended for nostalgic users, Polaroid Snap Camera does a remarkable job for only $99.

Vintage trends have been inspiring tech developers for years, but Polaroid plans to do more than just cover modern devices in old cases. According to their new press release, the new Polaroid Snap Camera features playful options that reinvent the past technology and make it more attractive for today’s users.

The new camera design was created in collaboration with Ammunition’s gadget designer Robert Brunner. He confessed that he always went nostalgic when hearing Polaroid mentioned. He often found himself dreaming of childhood days when Polaroid camera were used at children’s parties to print photos on the spot.

Brunner has used this nostalgic feeling to get the inspiration he needed for the creation of the new Polaroid Snap Camera. Unlike previous models, the new gadget no longer requires ink to print photos. It is the photo paper that does great part of the job with the help of its embedded dye crystals.

Developers have explained that the printer produces just enough heat to activate those colorful crystals and to reproduce real sequences. The Snap model does that in just about one minute. The cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals can reproduce highly qualitative photos, tech savvies have observed during the company IFA presentation in Berlin.

In addition to the inkless printer, there are many modern features that will certainly attract customers, Brunner has stated. The point and shoot camera does not require zoom features for the activities that it performs.

It has nevertheless been provided with a 10-megapixel camera that delivers vivid portraits. Four themes have also been included, so users can select between black and white, vintage, photo booth and color schemes.

Polaroid’s Snap Camera has a very simple design because producers wanted the accent to fall on images and not on the device that is producing them. Brunner has chosen this look because he wanted a camera that could fit in anyone’s pockets and is, yet, capable of printing 3×5 photos that can be immediately showcased in our homes.

For this reason, the lens of the camera has been placed in the middle of the camera and not on its top edge as with the previous models. Brunner has further explained that the camera itself was supposed to trigger the image of a photo in users’ minds. Come to think about it, the white Snap camera really looks like a small photo.

Polaroid thinks the camera will attract nostalgic customers who are willing to spend $99 on their aim-and-shoot model.

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