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Police Officer from Delray Beach Dies in Traffic Off-Duty Scooter Accident • Mirror Daily

A Delray Beach police officer passed away after being hit by a vehicle.

The Delray Beach Police Department is in mourning following the tragic death of Officer Christine Braswell on Saturday. According to a Delray Beach PD spokesperson, Braswell and Bernendea Marc, another police officer, were riding a scooter while off-duty, when a vehicle collided with the scooter driven by Braswell.

Friends, family, and colleagues are preparing to say farewell to Christine Braswell, one of the most distinguished officers of Delray Beach’s Police Department. Braswell, a University of Florida graduate, was a SWAT sniper and a field instructor. Furthermore, according to her colleagues, the model police officers also taught the Delray Beach Police Explorers course.

Her family and friends knew Braswell as an extremely kind and gentle woman, who would have done anything to lend a helping hand or to save someone who was in distress. Braswell’s colleagues recall how she and a fellow officer managed to save the life of a 52-year-old man who collapsed on the street in 2007.

Seeing that the patient was not responding to CPR, Braswell got hold of a defibrillator and managed to restart the man’s, heart. The officer’s family, especially her father who served on the police force for many years, declared that Braswell touched the lives of many people from the small community of Delray Beach.

Although Braswell’s family have not yet announced Christine’s funeral, her colleagues have organized a candlelit vigil to honor the memory of Braswell, who passed away on Saturday.

According to the Delray Beach Police Department, Christina Braswell and Bernendea Marc, her friend and another Delray Beach police officer, were riding a scooter along Key West, when they were rammed by a 30-year-old female driver who lost control of her vehicle.

The injured parties were airlifted to the local hospital in order to receive medical attention. Unfortunately, given the severity of her injuries and the fact that she was piloting the scooter, Braswell died on later Saturday at the hospital. The authorities determine that both Marc and Braswell were off-duty when the accident occurred.

As for Braswell’s friend, according to the Police Department’s spokesperson, the second officer was airlifted in a critical, yet stable condition and, after receiving treatment, she will make a complete recovery.

When news of Braswell’s untimely death broke out, several public figures, including the town’s mayor and even the dean of the Broward College, expressed their condolences to the grieving family.

Image source: Flickr

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