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Police Officers Arrest Suspect In Charge of Quadruple Murder in Washington DC • Mirror Daily

After a week of through investigations, police officers arrest suspect in charge of quadruple murder in Washington D.C. Based on their reports, the ex-con is a former employer of the famous CEO of American Iron Works.

The Metropolitan Police has finally managed to identify and arrest the main culprit responsible for the quadruple murder, which occurred last week in Washington DC. Investigators have managed to link Daron Dylon Wint, 34, after withdrawing his DNA from the crust of a Domino pizza that was left in the house.

Apparently, the man had called Domino Pizza’s delivery service right before he set the house on fire. The police got in possession of this information after listening to the phone conversations of the deceased Savopoulos family.

They have, then, traced the man and discovered that he was hiding in the Howard Johnson Express Inn in College Park, Maryland. A large group of police officer mobilized itself to capture Dylon and their efforts have been successful.

When they approached the Maryland motel, police officers realized that Wint was hiding in one of the parked vehicles. A car race ensued, but authorities were eventually able to arrest the suspect. Investigators believe the man expected the police to come after him, as he had probably seen the news reports related to the murder charges that were brought against him.

The arrest took place on Thursday evening at around 11 P.M. Wint’s first court appearance was set for Friday afternoon. Until then he remains in police’s custody as marshals have sufficient evidence to prove that he is guilty for first-degree murder.

Last week, the entire community of Rhode Island was in shock after the first reports of the quadruple murder surfaced. According to past reports, the wealthy Savopoulos family, whose Woodley Park house was estimated at around $4.5 million, was found dead together with his 47-year-old wife, Ami, his son, Phillip and their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa.

Although the house has been set on fire, police officers were still able to determine the victims’ real cause of death. According to their forensic reports, the victims had been stabbed hours before the house actually caught fire.

Daron Dylon Wint, a former employee of Savopoulos’ company, American Iron Works, was found to be the suspect in the murder case. However, marshals do not eliminate the possibility that he might have been helped by someone else to carry out the murder plans.

Further investigations have shown that the man bore grudge against his former employer for some reason or another. He even threatened Savopoulos on numerous other occasions.

The recent D.C. murder is not the only charge that has ever been brought against Wint. Police reports have revealed that the man has been previously convicted for having physically assaulted and verbally abused one of his former girlfriends.

The previous charges could be brought against the violent man in court as a proof of his violent nature. His current sentence could be bigger as judges will most likely take into account his previous misconduct.
Image Source: NY Daily News

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