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Posture is Key • Mirror Daily

Next time you see a guy man-spreading in the metro, remember that he’s trying to look attractive.

(Mirror Daily, United States) –When it comes to attracting a partner, scientists have discovered that posture is key. People, it seems, are attracted to open positions significantly more than closed ones, so when you’re taking pictures to refresh your Tinder profile, remember to spread your arms and give a broad smile to the camera.

A post-doctoral fellow at Berkeley University, Tanya Vacharkulksemuk, performed two studies that she then published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” magazine. It seems that the general idea of her research is the fact that posture is key when it comes to the first impression.

In order to reach that conclusion, Vacharkulksemuk first studied 144 videos of speed dating and then correlated the body postures adopted by the participants with the ratings that they gave each other.

It seems that the people who sat in opened positions were considered more attractive than those who preferred to cross their arms and legs.

Moreover, the results of the study dictate that the individuals who adopted expanded postures were twice as likely to get a second date than those who were sitting in a closed position.

Posture is key when it comes to dating, and it’s even more important than smiling.

The next study was focused on the reaction of individuals at open or closed postures displayed on photos uploaded on social media accounts.

Vacharkulksemuk’s team analyzed the response of followers whenever an individual would upload a new photo. If the posture in the photo was opened, then the person would receive a more considerable amount of “likes” or “right swipes” than if the adopted position suggested a closed personality.

Furthermore, it seems that posture is key when it comes to the non-verbal communication of wealth. In other words, those who adopted expanded positions inspired dominance and confidence, things usually given by money. On the other hand, people that had a closed posture seemed like they were cowering, hiding.

So if you want to make people think that you’re a wealthy, confident individual, then don’t forget that posture is key.

But there are some members of the scientific community who believe that the studies are not broad enough to emit a universal opinion upon the importance of posture in first encounters.

For example, the power-pose high of the 2010s. Back then, people believed that that particular pose would increase the hormone levels of the beholders. But the myth was rapidly debunked, and all people had to remember the trend were a couple of slightly embarrassing photos.

Image source: Wikimedia

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