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Powdered Alcohol Banned in Several States Before Hitting The Shelves • Mirror Daily

Powdered alcohol became legal in March 2015 in the U.S., but in spite of that, a lot of states have already decided to ban its use. According to a health poll conducted by the University of Michigan, the initiative of banning powdered alcohol has a lot of supporters from the large public.

In almost all states, the main concern among the adults that were interviewed is that allowing powdered alcohol to reach the shelves will increase the possibility for underage alcohol abuse. And they might be right, considering that this new alcoholic product comes in ready-to-drink packets.

In a recent Science Daily report, Matthew Davis, head of the National Poll on Children’s Health, said that his poll’s target was to get the pulse of the nation in regard with the new product, seeing that so many states are already considering legislation before it even started selling on the market.

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health has surveyed people during May 2015, and the results showed a surprising support for the all-out ban on powdered alcohol: nearly 60 percent of adults in the U.S. think the product should not be allowed on the market.

High rates of support were also registered in the category of powdered alcohol banned from being sold online, with 84 percent adults in favor, while 85 percent of respondents thought that the product needs to change its marketing strategies.

Meanwhile, the adults who believe that banning powdered alcohol is unnecessary and pointless were not so many.

However, some think that prohibiting its use would only draw more attention and make underage people more curious about the product, adding that banning it won’t necessarily mean that youngsters won’t try it.

Powdered alcohol is scheduled to become available for sale starting this summer, but several states are pursuing banning bills, including South Carolina, Vermont and Louisiana. In Michigan, the ban against powdered alcohol has received a sounding 37-0 votes in senate.
Image Source: Today

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