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Prematurely Born Baby Was Cleared to Go Home • Mirror Daily

Little E’layah Faith was smaller than the smallest diapers in the hospital.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – E’layah Faith, the prematurely born baby was cleared to go home after spending the first five months of her life in the hospital. E’layah Faith is one of the smallest preemies to survive for such a long time.

Eric Pegues and Megan Smith, the little E’layah Faith’s parents, have been basically living in the hospital since the baby girl was born on the 23rd of September. Because of health complications, Megan Smith was forced to go under an emergency C-section operation 14 weeks earlier than her due date.

E’layah Faith weighed just above ten ounces when she was removed from her mother’s belly. The doctors did not give her many survival chances, but the little girl fought hard every day. Her survival is almost miraculous.

But she didn’t just flourish. The baby girl had to fight with severe health complications that were caused by her premature birth. But the doctors at both Carolina Medical Center and Levine Children Hospital gave their best and so did the parents.

After five months of living in a hospital, E’layah Faith, the prematurely born baby was cleared to go home and start her life. Her parents are anxious to spend time with her and discover who the little feisty fighter really is.

A full-term pregnancy lasts approximately 40 weeks. A baby that is born before the 37th week is considered a prematurely born baby. The chances of survival of such babies are slim because their organs are not fully developed and they can face a great number of life-threatening health complications.

One out of 10 infants that were born in the US in 2014 were born prematurely. Even if the children survive the premature birth, they could be faced with neurological disabilities long-term. Their immune system is also lower than in children born full-term so they are more prone to allergies, asthma and other such health conditions.

E’layah Faith’s doctors are very proud of the progress that she has made and they are hopeful that she will live a long happy life.

She was initially programmed to leave the hospital in January but some complications rose and her parents were forced to keep her under medical supervision for a bit longer. She is now no longer in danger of serious health complications.

To the delight of both her parents and the team of doctors that treated her, E’layah Faith, the prematurely born baby was cleared to go home.

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