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Prepare Yourself to Time Bend in the New Superhot • Mirror Daily

Superhot is more like Sherlock Holmes meets Neo meets CoD, and it’s as great as the trailer teases.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Prepare yourself to time bend in the new Superhot FPS indie action video game. The simplistic, action-packed, Sherlock Holmes-like FPS is now available on Steam in full body, after teasing the gaming world for almost two years with a sweat inducing demo.

Prepare yourself to time bend in the new Superhot. The indie FPS is super-hot, action-packed, Matrix-like and visually impressive.

And if you hurry up and get in on Steam you will be able to upload your killing streaks in the new “Killstagram”. The pause moments don’t count. Furthermore, Steam is offering a ten percent discount for the launching.

So if somehow you didn’t manage to find the demo in the past two years and experience the awesomeness of flaming red enemies running or pausing whenever you feel like lifting a finger, go here, test it, and don’t miss the Steam offer.

The minimalist indie action FPS is unique in its time-bending feature. The main idea of the Kickstarter-founded video game is that all of your enemies move when you do. If you pause, time slows down and your enemies freeze until you decide to move again.

This is one of the best features that FPS video games offered in a while. Forget Tom Clancy’s Division or whatever Black Ops the CoD developers are working on. Prepare yourself to Neo around bullets and Sherlock Holmes your way out of situations where the red flaming enemies surround you with no apparent way out.

The Superhot team spent a lot of time and resources developing the visual and conceptual part of the game. This made them ignore the back story a little bit. The player doesn’t actually know why he’s so special and hundreds of flaming glass-made creeps are trying to kill the main character in elevators, alleys, restaurants, office buildings and many other locations.

There are some instances in which something like an old-fashioned chat window appears and the player witnesses bits of conversations. The finest one is that in which the game characters are talking about the new Superhot video game.

It’s clear that a comprehensive back story was not one of their main concerns, but as long as the thirty levels of the game don’t bore you with their action-packed thrilling combats and you master your Sherlock and Nemo fighting techniques, then you will forget all about the lack of bigger, better background story.

Prepare yourself to time bend in the new Superhot, and do it quickly as the 10 percent Steam discount is limited.

You can also check out the launching trailer in the video below.

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