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Preventing Suicide Is Up to You • Mirror Daily

Have you ever thought about preventing suicide?

(Mirror Daily, United States) The alarming suicide rates across the United States lead specialists to believe that a campaign which raises awareness about the phenomenon is one of the best solutions. They also believe that preventing suicide is up to each and every one of us who can help a friend or a family member in a desperate situation.

Psychologists agree that most suicides can be prevented if friends and relatives know how to deal with the problems of emotionally unstable people. Specialists inform everyone that there are always signs which can show to them that the people they love are in trouble and need their help. It is a typical pattern with those who attempt to commit suicide to share their plans or intentions with someone around them. Experts advise that we should be extremely careful about comments which suggest such intentions. They think that the sooner someone takes actions to prevent suicide, the better.

People who attempt to commit suicide tend to be introvert, lonely individuals. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the need to communicate to other people. What the specialists advise you is that you shouldn’t be afraid of talking to them about suicide, because it won’t be you the one who sets their mind on the idea. On the contrary, talking through and discussing the problems can turn out to be on of the best methods of preventing suicide.

There are cases when depressed people need someone to tell them not to do reckless acts. Seeing that someone is concerned and cares about them may be exactly what they needed in order to change their mind.

Specialists also suggest that if you don’t know how to deal with such a situation, you can always contact mental health professionals. Sometimes, people with suicidal tendencies are melancholic. There are other cases when people who threaten to hurt or kill themselves could act violently. This is why professionals should intervene.

Statistics show that there are more than one million people who commit suicide every year in the world. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, over forty thousand of them are American. Recent reports show that adult and elderly men are more prone to commit suicide, while adult women tend to be stronger. On the other hand, there are alarming suicide rates among young girls aged 10 to 14.

Remember that preventing suicide is up to you  too. If you know someone who seems to have problems, try to talk to them or ask for professional help.

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