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Processed Meat Makes Asthma Worse • Mirror Daily

The scientists discovered that processed meat might be associated with worsening asthma.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Recent research suggests that eating processed meat might trigger more severe symptoms in asthma patients. More precisely, people with asthma who eat over four portions of processed meat a week have a higher risk of experiencing other serious symptoms.

Roughly one thousand French people were included in the latest study during which the researchers tried to establish if processed meat could be associated with asthma. Based on the findings, the scientists concluded that a preservative, known as nitrite, can affect the airways.

Nitrite is commonly used in ham, salami, and sausages. However, the researchers underline that they didn’t find a cause-and-effect link between this type of meat and asthma. The say that instead of worrying about processed meat, people should focus on having a balanced and healthy diet.

Previous studies have revealed that people who eat this type of meat are more likely to develop cancer. Experts recommend consumers to eat maximum 70g of processed meat a day in order to avoid long-term consequences.

The participants involved in the French survey about health and food were monitored between 2003 and 2013. It is worth mentioning that roughly fifty percent of them had asthma, whereas the other half were healthy and had no history of this condition.

The scientists looked for asthma symptoms, such as chest tightness, wheeze, and breathlessness. Also, they calculated the daily intake of meat. For instance, one portion consisted of two slices of salami, two slices of ham, and one sausage.

At the end of the study, the experts observed that participants with asthma developed other lung symptoms. Also, asthma was most violent in those who consumed over four portions every week.

The scientists underline that this study can’t prove that a poor diet is the only major factor influencing the development of these symptoms. There are other causes which might trigger these symptoms in asthma patients.

However, the researchers eliminated the most important causes, including obesity, and they noticed that the connection between worsening asthma and processed meat remained consistent. According to Dr. Erika Kennington, Asthma UK Head of Research, even if certain foods can trigger allergies in some patients, those living with asthma should follow the same dietary recommendation which applies to healthy people as well.

Therefore, a balanced diet low in saturated fat, salt, and sugar might be the best way to manage asthma and prevent the onset of other conditions.

Image Source: Static Flickr

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